The Importance of Removing Your Makeup Properly

The Importance of Removing Your Makeup Properly

Jan 05, 2023Sarah O'Flaherty
We’ve all heard it before: “you wear all that makeup, that’s why you're having problems with your skin". But is there any truth in that? The short answer is yes, there are makeup products that contain ingredients that aren’t helping to improve your skin’s texture. HOWEVER, this does not mean you have to put the makeup brush down forever. Leveling up on your skincare game and making sure you properly remove your makeup will help to significantly change the look and feel of your skin.
 Why should I be taking my makeup off?
                     So, what happens when we don’t take our makeup off? As you go about your day, your skin naturally collects dirt and oils from the air, from your hands, or anything else it comes into contact with. When we wear makeup all that dirt and oil clings to the makeup, eventually seeping into our pores. When we sleep in our makeup or we don’t take it off entirely, all that yucky stuff can cause our pores to clog and breakouts to occur.
And we DEFINITELY don’t want that!
            It’s not JUST taking your makeup off that matters, though. We also have to pay special attention to how we’re taking it off. For instance, simply “rinsing off” your makeup with water in the shower is not going to do the trick. Your skin may look make-up free, but if we were to look closer, your skin would still be left with a thin film of makeup, which prevents any skincare products from penetrating your skin and going to work on fixing your skin concerns.
This could be why you’re still breaking out, even if you take your makeup off every night.
What should I be using to take my makeup off?
            Even though we want to make sure we’re removing all of the makeup from our skin, we still want to be gentle. Our skin takes a beating throughout the day from pollutants, oils, dirt, and regular wear-and-tear, so we want to be as gentle with it as we can so we don’t create more harm than good with our skincare. To remove makeup, oil cleansers are going to be your best friend. Using an oil-based cleanser like SaGrah’s Anti-Aging Milk Oil Cleanser, rather than something water-based means you are being mindful of your skin’s natural pH, and making sure your skin isn’t being stripped of all the good bacteria it needs to help regulate itself. It may sound a little strange to wash your face with oil, but oil molecules bond to other oil molecules, so your cleanser will literally grab onto all the dirty stuff on your skin, and take it all with it when you wash your cleanser off.
Instead of reaching for a heavy exfoliant that may make our skin “feel” clean, aim for something a little more gentle! A product can exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and dirt WITHOUT being abrasive! Our Anti-Aging Milk Oil Cleanser melts away makeup rather than scrubbing, so your skin will feel clean and smooth without the added damage you would get with a heavy exfoliant.
            The first step to healthy skin is consistency! Wearing makeup is more than okay, just make sure you take the time to look after your skin and give it the love and attention it needs to glow!


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