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Remy virgin hair extensions are the gold standard in the hair extensions industry. Unlike other types of extensions, which are often made from lower-quality synthetic fibers or a mix of different grades of hair, Remy extensions are made from 100% human hair. As a result, Remy extensions have a completely natural look and feel, and can be styled just like your own hair.  Hand-tied wefts allow you to obtain seamless length and buildable volume without any added weight, giving you the look and feel of extensions without compromising the health and quality of your natural hair. Because the wefts are lightweight in design, they lay close to the head for optimal comfort and wearability.

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What are handtied extensions?

SaGrah Luxe handtied extensions are 100% remy virgin hair. Hair is handtied onto a hand sewn weft. Hair is secured and doesn't shed ensuring the extensions last longer. Handtied extensions are flatter, thinner, more flexible and lay closer to the scalp giving a more natural look.

How long will extensions last?

With proper care SaGrah Luxe extensions can last up to a anywhere from 9 months to a year.

Can I use hot tools on my extensions?

Our hair extensions are 100% remy virgin hair and you can style them just like you style your natural hair. To maintain the hair extensions we recommend applying heat protection.

How do I sleep with hair extension?

Before bed gently brush your extensions. We recommend sleeping in a braid or ponytail. Make sure your ponytail is loose and low to ensure its not pulling on your extensions.

How often do I have to get them moved up?

Extensions have to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. When first getting extensions its recommended to get them moved up 6 weeks then you can upgrade to 8 once your hair is adjusted to this change. 

How do I wash my extensions?

Washing your extensions is similar to washing your regular hair. Split your hair and section out your extensions to ensure you're washing every part of the extensions. Then drop the rest of your hair down and wash as normal. Lastly condition mid shaft to ends and use a hair mask once a week if needed. 

Can I color my hair extensions?

Yes, a color specialist can color the extensions 

Can I swim with my extensions?

Yes, I wouldn’t swim in pool water or the ocean often with extensions, apply bottled water to extensions and braid hair before doing so.

Can I return my hair extensions?

We don't offer returns, only exchanges. Exchanges must be made within 7 days of the initial purchase. Extensions must be unused, unopened and in the original package for exchanges

Tips to take care of my extensions

  • Always make sure to dry your hair 100% (blow dry or air dry)
  • Sleep with your hair braided or in a scrunchie to avoid unnecessary tangling
  • Detangle hair daily starting from ends to roots
  • Use hair mask weekly