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SaGrah Luxe Concealed Method 2-Day Class


Calling All Stylists: Elevate Your Skills with the Sagrah Luxe Concealed Extension Method Certification Class!

Attention all talented stylists who strive to offer the best to their clients! We are thrilled to invite you to our exclusive Sagrah Luxe Concealed Extension Method Certification Class. This is your opportunity to enhance your skills and become a certified expert in the game-changing Sagrah Luxe Concealed Extension Method.

The SaGrah Luxe Concealed Method Handtied Extension 2-day class is an amazing opportunity to learn from none other than SaGrah Luxe founder Sarah O'Flaherty herself.

Why should you join our certification class?

1. Unleash Your Creativity: Learn our revolutionary technique that allows you to create seamless, undetectable hair extensions that surpass your clients’ expectations. Elevate your artistry and offer a transformative experience to your clientele.
2. Expand Your Service Menu: Adding the Sagrah Luxe Concealed Extension Method to your repertoire opens doors to new possibilities. Cater to clients seeking natural-looking extensions that are comfortable, versatile, and effortlessly blend with their own hair.
3. Establish Yourself as an Expert: Certification demonstrates your commitment to excellence and sets you apart as a trusted professional in the industry. Gain recognition for your skills and attract a loyal client base eager for your expertise.
4. Premium Education and Support: Our experienced instructors will guide you through the intricacies of the Sagrah Luxe Concealed Extension Method. You’ll receive comprehensive training, ongoing support, and access to exclusive resources to ensure your success.

By the end of the class, you'll be able to offer your clients the most natural-looking extension method that will blend in seamlessly with their own hair. Not only will you be able to grow your business and increase your revenue, but you'll also gain the confidence and knowledge to offer your clients the highest quality of extensions. 

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your career and become a certified Sagrah Luxe expert. Secure your spot in our certification class today!

Next Class is March 17th and 18th at Angels on Earth Salon in Newburgh, NY

Can't wait to see you there!